"Course in Air Pollution", 24-25 November 2015


"Water management issues from a social science and management perspective", 16-22 November 2015


“Natural disasters form a natural- and social science perspective”, 10-17 October 2015


"Climate, Climate Change Impacts: Greece" 26-30 September 2015


Ecohydrology - a Mediterranean perspective, 13-20 June 2015


The 3rd Ecohydrology Course, 13-20 June 2015




General Geochemistry course, 3-8 May 2015


Physical Geography field course

The fifth Physical Geography field course

24-28 February 2015




Course in air pollution

Course in air pollution

10-11 December 2014



Värmdö Gymnasium, Upper secondary school from Stockholm

Natural disasters form a natural- and social science perspective

4-11 October 2014



Water - resource management in time and space

Water - resource management in time and space. Focus Greece

20-27 November 2014


PhD students course in Greece

A group of PhD students from Stockholm University has visited NEO for a field course

24-31 October 2014 


The second NEO PhD defence!

On the 14 November, Martin Finné defended his thesis titled: Climate in the eastern Mediterranean during the Holocene and beyond – A Peloponnesian perspective 


The first NEO PhD defence!


Biology-earth science, May 10-17

A bachelor's course on biodiversity, nature conservation and ecotourism, May 10-17 



Plant diversity and evolution, May 3-10


A masters course on 'Plant diversity and evolution', May 3-10




Natural disasters form a natural and social science perspective, 12-18 October


The ''Natural disasters form a natural and social science perspective'' course  

from Värmdö Gymnasium, Stockholm, Sweden  


12 - 18 October 2013



Climate, Climate Change Impacts: Greece, 10 - 14 September


The ''Climate, Climate Change Impacts: Greece'' course  

from Justus-Liebig University of Giessen, Germany  


10 - 14 September 2013



2nd Ecohydrology course, 9-15 June 2013


The 2nd Ecohydrology Course, a joint effort between Stockholm University and Cornell University

9-15 June 2013



Masters course ''Plant Biodiversity and evolution - a global perspective'', 20–27 April 2013

Stockholm University gives a master course in plant systematics each spring. The course provides advanced level knowledge of diversity, structure, and evolution of plants.

April 20–27, 2013


The third Physical Geography field course, 8-14 March 2013

The third Physical Geography course at NEO took place on March 8–14, 2013. Sara Cousins, Ingmar Borgström and Martin Finné were the instructors of the field course and 23 students from Stockholm University attended the course.

March 8–14, 2013


The Subtropical Frontier, 23 June - 3 July 2013

The Subtropical Frontier: A summer school on climate variability and change in the subtropics

June 23–July 3, 2013


2nd Training Course in Air Pollution, 8-9 November 2012

The 2nd training course in Air Pollution took place during 8 and 9/11/2012 at NEO. The course gave the chance to 16 undergraduate students from the Physics Department of the University of Patras, Greece.

November 8 and 9, 2012


Course on Ecohydrology at NEO

A joint course between Stockholm University and Cornell University on Ecohydrology took place during 17–23 June at NEO with the title: Ecohydrology: a Mediterranean perspective.

June 17–23, 2012


IGV teacher’s collegiate at Costa Navarino


Department of Geological Sciences (IGV), Stockholm University is organizing a teacher's collegiate June 6–8 to welcome new lecturers and bring together all teachers of the department for planing future educational activities. The collegiate will take place at Costa Navarino. There will also be an introduction to NEO inititative and the perspectives for research and education in Messinia.

June 6–8, 2012

Master course ”Plant biodiversity and evolution – a global perspective”


A Master course of Stockholm University took place 5–11 May at NEO: ”Plant biodiversity  and evolution – a global perspective” with 10 participants . Catarina Rydin was the instructor of the course.

May 15–11, 2012

INK Master's Level Course:Landscape Ecology - Theory and Design

Department of Physical Geography and Quaternary Geology, Stockholm University announces new Master's level course in landscape ecology that will partly take place at NEO.



The second Student Field Course at NEO, February 2–8 2012

The second Student Field Course at NEO took place February 2–8, 2012. The course chief instructor was Ingmar Borgström and  and 55 students from Stockholm University attended the course.

February 2–8, 2012


Senior Lecturers meeting, November 8–10 2011

Stockholm University, University of Patras and Univerisity of Peloponnese Senior Lecturers meeting for planning of educational activities at Messinia held by Karin Holmgren and Ingmar Borgström.

November 8–10, 2011

1st Student Field Course at NEO, January 25–31 2011

1st Student Field Course at NEO took place from 25 January to 31 January 2011 and was a great success!

January 25–31, 2011