What is ΝΕΟ

Last Updated on Friday, 14 October 2011

Navarino Environmental Observatory (NEO), the outcome of cooperation between Stockholm University, the Academy of Athens and TEMES S.A., the developer of Costa Navarino, is dedicated to the study of climate change and its impacts on the natural environment and human activities in the Mediterranean.

Located at Costa Navarino, the new sustainable tourism destination in the Mediterranean, NEO is fast becoming a dynamic hub for modern environmental research, where scientists from all over the world are able to exchange knowledge and ideas, while at the same time developing new research tools and methods.

The establishment of NEO is a very important step toward strengthening Swedish-Greek cooperation in the area of environmental protection and sustainable development. The operation of NEO presents to the world a real example of how the academic community and the private sector can work together to promote sustainability and apply the basic concepts of the green economy.